I was born in Canberra, in a small flat, with my mum, my dad, sister and an African midwife. My mother was born in New Zealand; she was a singer/songwriter and an award-winning seamstress. My dad was a singer/ songwriter, poet, and lover of dogs; he was born in Africa, and missed his homeland. I plan to visit there one day.

When I was little I collected birds wings, birds nests, and things from the natural world.  It’s funny because I wanted to be a cop, but really I was a budding writer, artist and performer.

When my stepfather tragically passed away I was given his camera and all his darkroom equipment.  This is when I fell in love with light on paper, and photography captured me.

I’m a dreamer; but I love being present in nature everyday.  My two babies (one starting high school, and the other starting year one) and my life partner share a love of animals, bugs and birds, collecting nature, rocks and things we regard. This binds us.

I live in Brisbane Australia; finally I call Brisbane home.

Photography has traveled with me wherever I go, we have been together for over a decade, creating and changing and growing.  Nude photography is where the flame began; it’s a place where I will always return.